☆ Big Font (change font size) ☆

Don't you like the font size on your android device?
Have you got problems reading text because fonts are too small or even too large?

Now your problems are solved, you'll never have problems reading on an android device again. This app was developed to let you freely change the text size! Now the control is in your hands! Set the font size far beyond the default settings.

★★★ Big Font (change text font size) - FEATURES ★★★
☆ It works for android 2.2 and superior!
☆ Scales system font size from 50% to 300%!
☆ You can preview the new font size before applying!
☆ Easy to use, fast to learn and hard to live without!

This app was largely tested, but it may still, not work in some devices.
If this app doesn't work on your device please let us know sending an email to the developers team.
We're always working hard to make it compatible with every android device.

1 comment:

  1. I downloaded this app and and it lets me go to the first screen and make it bigger ( no way to exit that screen to save changes ) It just keeps saying to click here to configure the fonts with no results.I have a Sanyo Zio made by Kyocera. This seems like a really good app but iy just won't work.